What We Do

Create engaging and entertaining products
Not only do we provide great creative through our own company-developed programs; but we can also create a completely original kids meal program based on your objectives, brand equity and communication focus. With over 30 years of experience, our in-house creative and product development teams continue to create innovative and fun premiums and activities that are relevant to today’s kids.

We’re the kids meal packaging experts
We have over 30 years of experience creating innovative and award-winning paperboard packaging. Our paperboard packaging is eye-catching, entertaining, and functional and is a constant reminder of your brand. We can meet any creative or budget requirement. We also design and produce targeted point-of-purchase materials to promote your kids meal program. A range of support can be developed to communicate your program at key consumer “touch points,” whether it’s for the interior or exterior of your locations.

We make it our business to know your customers
Backed by the latest trends and preferences, our products and programs will delight kids and parents alike. Our primary research includes our on-site KidFluence Research Center. We attend industry tradeshows and stay current through key publications, surveys, polls and other tracking information.

Earth-Friendly and Consumer-Minded
Today, everyone is more conscience than ever of being eco-friendly. At Kid Stuff Marketing we are constantly researching and working to do our part so that consumers enjoy our products and programs and our children can enjoy the earth for many generations. For instance, take a look at our Scratch Color™ products – no mess, no extra waste (crayons), and 100% recyclable!

Licensed Properties
In addition to our own Kid Stuff Marketing developed properties, we also have the rights to several other popular and well-known properties, including Ford, GM and Zamboni® Company. We offer other licensing arrangements for our clients as requested or to support specific marketing programs.


We have warehouses in Kansas and Ontario, Canada. We can ship to distributors or individual locations and provide same day shipping. We provide custom case packs, storage, drop-shipping, inventory management and outstanding customer service.

Let's Get to Work!

It’s easy! Contact Kid Stuff Marketing at [email protected] or 1-800-677-4712 and we will work with you to assess the scope of your youth marketing and entertainment program needs, including:

• Your positioning and key competitors
• Your youth program marketing objectives
• Your budget and executional requirements

Our knowledgeable team will help you find a program that supports your specific needs. To better understand how we can support your kids program, read more about our two levels of support: Custom Programs and Brand a Product.