Company History

McDonald’s® introduced the Happy Meal™ and an entirely new target market is identified.

We introduced our first kids meal marketing program for Vista Burger. We quickly learned through this success that there is an entire audience waiting to be catered to – kids!

Our on-site Fulfillment Center became operational, allowing us to provide greater customer service.

The National Paperboard Packaging Council granted us their highest award, Gold, for our African Wild series of cartons.

We introduced our first 3-D project with glasses, the Meal-O-Rama, and retro vision remains a popular mainstay.

We introduced the first Classic Cruisers® carton, a kid-sized paperboard replica of a 1957 Chevy® Bel Air® that is a food container and a fun kids meal toy. Today there are 29 different Classic Cruisers car models plus two truck varieties. We continue to add new designs to our line – all officially licensed by Ford and GM.

Our Kid Stuff Marketing catalog is produced in-house for the first time. It continues to be introduced quarterly.

Continuing to expand our capabilities, we introduced the first Kid Stuff Marketing designed and produced plastic premium – the Lounging Lizards™ figurines.

Kid Stuff Marketing, Inc. purchases Kid Stuff with John Woodward taking over as Chairman and owner of the company. John Woodward and minority owner, Joe Tindall, bring nearly 40 years of marketing, operations, and finance experience from companies listed in the top 200 of the Fortune 500.

KidFluence Research Center opened! This on-site facility allows us to conduct qualitative research with kids, parents and teachers to understand key trends and gather input on new product concepts and programs.

We celebrated 25 years of helping clients increase their family traffic! The Ruby’s Diner Classic Cruisers® with Put Ons™ received first place in the QSR/FPI foodservice packaging awards for the Childrens Packaging Category.

We expanded our 3-D expertise and offered more eco-friendly and edutainment-based products.

We celebrated 30 years of serving up fun!

Added new Modern Cruisers® cartons and Scratch Color™ products. Scratch Color is the only place mat and activity book that doesn’t require crayons. We also developed a partnership with a company that specializes in 4-D apps for smart phones and tablets to provide virtual play. In October we moved into our new modern and spacious Headquarters facility. It offers additional warehouse space and updated fulfillment services to better meet the needs of our clients.

Expanded our Scratch Color™ product line to include activity books. We introduced the first-ever kids place mat with 4D Augmented Reality for a major restaurant chain and partnered with Carroll Shelby Licensing, Inc. to launch our first Shelby Classic Cruisers® carton, the 1967 Shelby GT-500. We gave our website a fresh, new look and enhanced our product search and ordering capabilities.